Start Your Own Home Embroidery Business – Managing Your Time

Managing Your Time.Generally, the two most likely situations in which a person starts a home embroidery business are when those who are homemakers, or those who also work another job outside the home, are machine embroidery enthusiasts.Both want to use their skills to earn extra income – or ideally – make the transition to having their own full time home embroidery business.In either situation, the way you manage your time will determine how successful you will be in your new business.* Treat your home based business with the same discipline you would be expected to use if you worked for an employer.I promise you this is the most difficult aspect of having a home based business and if you treat your home business like you would a hobby you will find that your income will reflect your lack of discipline. So rule number one is take the business seriously and dedicate yourself to a managed work schedule, at least in the beginning, until you have some success and find a natural rhythm to when and how much you work.* Kids and Other DistractionsIf you have kids you will obviously need to schedule your work time around your parental responsibilities.The first thing you will want to do is read my article on Workspace Tips which will help you optimize your set-up. This is key to getting the most production out of a limited amount of time.Other distractions include:* Non-business related phone calls (remember you are at work)* Having a television nearby that you can see or hear (No Oprah or Dr. Oz while working, that’s what DVR’s are for)* Doing other home non-business related tasks while waiting for your embroidery machine to complete a pattern (Remember, treat it as a business not a hobby)* Entertaining friends in your home while working (Generally not a good idea, but be sure to read my upcoming article on – Involving Your Friends In Your Home Based Business – if you have dear friends you normally spend your free time with.)Now I know you are saying, “Mary, the whole reason I want to have my own home business is so I have freedom and don’t feel as if I am AT WORK! You are taking all the fun out of having my own home based embroidery business”.Fear not, this guide is only to get you started and to help you become successful. Of course, you can do as you like once you figure out a successful routine, and you should create an environment and schedule that is conducive to your happiness.The guidelines I offer are only to help make you aware (and hopefully avoid) the pitfalls most new home business owners encounter.I hope you found this “Start Your Own Home Embroidery Business – Managing Your Time” article helpful and please check back for more articles in this Start Your Own Home Embroidery Business series.Happy Embroidering! Mary