Family Business Management Isn’t For the Faint of Heart

I don’t know anybody who enjoys reprimanding employees, dealing with performance issues or having to fire someone. Imagine what it’s like if this employee is your mother/father, sister/brother, daughter/son, cousin or aunt/uncle. Managing isn’t easy and family business management adds another dimension to the equation: the family. It’s more than just having family members as part of the business. Families operate much like an ecosystem, and when one part of the ecosystem is impacted, other parts are as well. In all businesses, we deal with issues such as divorce and illness of employees. But we aren’t intimately involved with all the details and aren’t taking sides, as often happens in a family business.Consider how difficult it would be if your brother-in-law who works for the family business is divorcing your sister. And in family businesses assumptions are made unlike those made in other businesses. “They will understand if I have to stay home with my sick child” or “I don’t have the same rules as non-family-member employees” or “I won’t get fired because I’m family.” It takes courage to make the tough decisions that are good for the business, even when it may not be good for the family. Family business management requires backbone, fortitude and a whole lot of chutzpah to continually focus on the health of the business instead of the family or family members. If you are in charge of the family business management, I applaud you, for this role isn’t for the faint of heart.

Health And Safety For The Business Manager

It is a pity that health and safety is often met by derision in corporate business as a spectre of doom and over indulgence in factors that managers feel are out of their control. But the fact is statistics quite clearly show that if it wasn’t for occupational Safety training, regulations and standards, there would be a lot of organisations going out of business through injuries and accidents at work.We cannot escape form the fact that over 200 people are killed each year in accidents at work and over one million people are injured. It is also a statistical fact that over two million will suffer illness (mental or physical) caused by, or intensified by their work.We all want to feel as safe as possible in our workplace environment and that our management is taking all the necessary steps to ensure all activities take place to make it as reasonably safe as is possible. The business manager has a responsibility to: ensure employees are not injured or made ill by the work they do;
develop a positive health and safety culture, where safe and healthy working becomes second nature to everyone;
Continue to determine how you can manage safety in the work environment better;
meet your legal duty to protect the occupational health of your employees. Health and safety training is a factor which should not be taken lightly. Much basic training can be done in-house but there is a plethora of excellent training courses which can help avoid the distress of accidents and ill health, make your employees competent specialists, and reduce the financial costs that would occur through dangerous environments.Everyone needs training. There needs to be thriving culture so employees can understand the organisations occupational health policy, where they fit in, and how you it should be managed for everyone’s benefit. They may also need training in the specific hazards of your processes and how you expect the risks to be controlled.NEBOSH offers a variety of Health and Safety training courses for varied working environments and levels of expertise. For those interested in following a career in in this lucrative area of work there is the NEBOSH National diploma which also opens the gateway to post graduate study.Most health and safety training courses cover all industries, but there is sometimes a need for more specific courses that take into account the specialist needs of certain industries. The Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS), is a qualification for executives in the construction business. This is a course which traditionally is taken over a period of a week and will provide the supervisor with a license of 5 years. It needs to be re-taken after this time to refresh knowledge and ensure the candidate is aware of any changes in technology, accepted theory or policy.

Will One Be Successful With a Travel MLM Opportunity in This Economy?

Question: What would you do if you had more time and money?Chances are, travel is one of those things you would love to do.Given the current economy, people want to make money and to save money. Some will cut back on their most pressing needs, and others will go totally frugal.We cannot argue, travel is something we would all love to do.Given the size of the industry, people will no doubt still travel.However, your choice of travel MLM business opportunity, as well as your own individual traits and characteristics will decide whether you find success or not.Given the various travel MLM organisations around, such as Global Resorts Network, Coastal Vacations, Your Travel Biz, and so many others, you have so much choice in what company you choose to join.The price point of whatever travel product or service you choose to advertise will however influence how well you may eventually do.People will definitely be hunting for a bargain as they look to save on vacations and taxes for themselves and their loved ones.So the low-end travel products and services will bring in the masses. These have universal appeal, and of course have to be better priced MLM travel products and services than what consumers are already buying, without sacrificing quality.The mid-point and high-end opportunities and products may be viable, though perhaps a little more difficult.For business builders, given the large size of the industry, there are definitely many opportunities that can be exploited, again with price being a major determinant.World over, the baby-boom age band is nearing retirement. It’s been proven that for the most part, people in their later years spend more money in certain industries, particularly, healthcare and leisure travel.A travel home business opportunity, if well positioned, can be a perfect offering for this generation. Not to say this is the only target market of course, as you also have budget travellers, adventure travellers, people seeking timeshare alternatives, corporate travellers, and many others.Travel is something everybody does. They either book with you or Expedia, Travelocity, of one of the other travel providers.In some cases, a travel business opportunity can provide more competitive fares than traditional travel companies and search engines, because of their bulk-buying concept.A travel business opportunity will offer you multiple ways to earn money upfront, while you build a residual income. You can market cruises, vacations, holidays to dream destinations at dream prices, as well as conventional travel.Some of these opportunities offer an option to become a travel agent or consultant, and market leisure travel at very competitive rates for the most part.Success with travel will depend on your offering something that offers the customers usefulness, or helps them create or save money without too much hassle or difficulty.Travel is a broad and very competitive industry, but targeting a small niche within this industry, gives you focus and can lead to greater success that trying to take the whole market.Travel network marketing companies carve out niches within the broader travel industry. In marketing travel, it may well be wise to choose a company that works within a niche that best suits you, and that shows signs of growth in the years ahead.Travel is not a difficult concept to explain. Compare this to other industries, where you have to explain technicalities and complexities involved with the products (science and formulas behind them).The easier the product is to talk about, the easier it is to duplicate.While there will undoubtedly be so many ways to market your travel MLM business opportunity, it will all depend on the effort you put in, as well as what the best market for you is.